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Your Health, a work in progress. 

    The place to start is Your Immune System 

and that is what will be coming up on these pages and supported by the 

      right stuff found exclusively in your local Organic Foods Markets'

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give me land, lots of land, to do my thing, naturally..

That Bread is the Staff of Life; a truism my generation and earlier generations were brought up on, is today scientifically challenged.  After all, wheat, refined or whole, is a carbohydrate that quickly  turns into sugar.  And sugar has today won the "root of all evil " crown.  But i love bread.  

But who said bread and pancakes and such sugar generating goodies must be created with wheat flour.  Turns out you can turn lots of better foods info flour.  Take a coconut; makes into great flour, and that makes into healthy and tasty breads and the flood gates are opened.   "Your Organic Grocer" has all the parts to do it all fresh at home - or to pick up a frozen package for super quick any meal of the of the day family gratification. 

Luckily, organic coconut flour pancakes require lots of organic eggs.  Luckily Organic Foods Markets, Your Organic Grocer's parent, has an interest in organic egg farming, so luckily you get the best breads and cakes conceivible, "right in your own backyard".

825 Soundside Road,  Edenton, NC      Store and web site,                   under construction.

(near airport across from MiTek)


Poor Water will take its time in killing you, although the many ways at its disposal can be painful.  But no excuses.  YOGA stores are an endless supply for your healthiest water at a cost you can live with.  Oxygen, the other of our two most important elements, ends it all in minutes if you elect to skip it. 

The O2 story can be confusing and costly to get right.  To the very best of our abilities, Your Organic Grocer will do the reading for you re staying abreast of new discoveries and products that show sufficient promise for all of us to consider adding to a protocol for a Lifetime of pleasure and Longevity.  

as an example of Interesting:

The products at your YOGA (Your Organic Grocer associates) are of two broad categories:  Those we have found worth while during our  long lives AND those you want us to offer. 

 All sensibly displayed for more enlightened decision making, faster shopping time:  The soups choices shelves, the Organic Nut House, the dried foods category, the DIY Smoothies factory with all the healthiest, tastiest foods for your own endless creative blending concoctions to wow the family, baking groupings for new directions like coconut flour, the snack and desert bar made of only the good stuff.  tasted.

All packaged foods with labels you do not have to read, because we have done that for you. Nothing the least bit bad gets by.  And Vitamins and Supplements carts; not loaded with the overwhelming number of different brands but restricted to those with the best science behind them and, if you wish, interesting, entertaining pages for you to take home.  And surprises to make food shopping more healthy and joyous.

   Opening the Summer of 2016 

    you will find this to be one Interesting, Informative and Fun stop.

    this 5 acre site is to be the first of a "Your  ORGANIC  Grocer"  stores chain in small communities across the country.   If you have any ground floor financial interest, e-mail:


We know we need oxygen.  It is available in great abundance. And it is free.  But we need a train to carry it:  Blood.  We need a foolproof engine to run our train:  The Heart.  And tracks for the train to move our precious cargo: Blood Vessels.  A depot to reload the train with Oxygen: Lungs. 

And a maintenance  crew  to keep it all humming. 

   The best things

    in life are free. 

    Your job, our job, is taking those free elements

and making them work for us - not that hard to do,

even fun to do - once we  talk  ourselves  out  of  a  

lifetime  of  bad  habits.

Yes, you can buy distilled water at many stores these days.  But their bottom line is profit, not your health.    Store distilled water comes in leaching plastic containers and that is not the healthy way to go. Your Organic Grocer store's Virgin Distilled Water is in glass or Lexan jars that become your own permanent refill containers for the absolute best source for one of the two most important keys to life:  Water and Oxygen.

Your ORGANIC Grocer 

has a much wider array of what you actually want (or gets it for you at your request) and has little or no items of no interest

to you.

If ORGANIC shopping is your goal,

Shopping Locally translates

lnto composite savings.


The  priceless list of the "Pros"

for going YOGa

       will be filling the rest of this 

       under-construction site.




                  as an example of Informative:

           Vitamins and supplements are costly with most,  mostly going  in one

   door and out the other - without doing  what you paid them to do.  To get to

  their job sites they may be (in order of efficiency) injected into a vein, held in

  the mouth, applied to the skin or sent through the digestive system.    So our

  job is to do  your job in selecting the form of vitamin or supplement designed

    for making its cost, cost effective.  

​                 As best we can, information in vitamin and supplement carts

                              will help  you with this important health/cost job, 

                                             information  you can take home

                                                                    if you like.                       


      Jack Benny's radio persona was being cheap.  Probably the  funniest line in his long career was his telling of being held up at gun point one dark night and the robber demanding "Your money or your life". And Benny replying, after some delay, "I'm thinking, I'm thinking".

      We are thinking, when it comes to a choice between your car or your life, what are you thinking.  Are you putting the best fuel and oil into your car, a car that at the end of its run will be traded in; while at the same time skimping on the fuel and oil you put in a body that has no trade in value at the end of its run?   It is Time for a new service station for The one time, lifetime Temple of your body:  

               Your  ORGANIC Grocer - in your home town.


Tuned into the tolls to the wonderful world of health:   Do you opt for the short happy life of eat drink and be merry?  No one can argue with this call - it is yours.  The pain comes at the end of this life style choice.  Then the standard question often posed is, "Why me?".  The chances are a prolonged, stressful ending  instead of a short happy, fairytale one.   The problem is the emotional toll.   A bedridden terminal cancer friend complained that no one would visit. "they think it is contagious".  I told him to move over and got in bed with him.  Too little, too late.   So do you opt for the other extreme - the full time job of staying alive.  If so, then where is the bottom line profit?   Where is the fun of living if all you have time for is the work of staying alive?

YOGA, Your Organic Grocer Associates stores do that essential "life" work so you have more time for the most essential pleasure of long life living.   The short life proverbial eat drink and be merry play book gets  held over for record breaking longevity with all senses, all systems firing for a long fun run. 

The two things we all need, or no life, are oxygen and water.  YOGA starts with these two elements, in manners you would be hard pressed finding anywhere; then fills your element needs between these lifetime bookends - and the living is easy.

By making Your Organic Grocer part of your holistic approach to life, your bottom $ line cost-of-living transforms holistically with record savings in the total cost of staying alive:   Medical and  Time  costs.   

The pros and cons of local healthy foods buying      

                cons                              pros

example of "Fun stop":

Not stuff to keep you alive but stuff to make being alive worth it.   You will find items at this store that the kind of folks this store attracts, will find of interest.  Don't ask.   We do not know yet.  But it will add to making this a fun stop.  Things from no cost to lots of money (say a sailboat?) that will at least be food for dreams.  We all will see.

1.   costs more.

2.  less to ​choose from.

 Well, actually 

         none of this is true.

Cost starts with the time you 

leave home to the time you

return;  Productivity.

Cost continues with the $s

spent in getting there - and

back;  Overhead. 

Once at a long-distance big box store, isle milage put in passing by stuff you did not come for, does not equal "more choice".

It equals more cost.

       your  ORGANIC ​grocer

The YOGA Edenton store opening at 825 Soundside Road, Edenton NC 27932,  will be posted on this site. Questons in the meantime can be directed via e-mails to:

YOGA will supply the tools for recycling and caring for your blood, heart, blood vessels and lungs and, for what it is worth, our understanding of how to best employ these tools.  With the focus on the basic elements, we think you will find the body's other complaints start melting away, automatically, because the body is, no matter how tradition has sliced it, holistic. Thanks for visiting the YOGA web site.  Help Your Organic Grocer stores to help You.  
 WATER, WATER  everywhere ( what this sailor likes about the South).   But not a drop to drink.

Intuitively mega metropolises have bad water and the rest of our beautiful country has the good water.

Wrong.  Todays farming, sprawling big industries, power plants, oil drilling,  gas fracking,  all under diminishing regulations = drinking water to kill you. Sales of bottle water have leaped but try distilling even this water source and you will find what we have found by distilling the faucet water in pristine Edenton NC.  Just looking at the left-behind residue can make you sick  (it also ate up our Sears' home stainless steel distiller). YOGA stores leading staple:


The long times you once spent weaving up and down endless isles, gone.  At YOGA, the  shopping  floor is  not  used  as  the  store's  warehouse.  The items you came for are at convenient heights, easy to pick up, examine and read - back up inventory is outside the shopping arena.  Items that would never be on your shopping list are not taking up your time or store shelf space.  Items that need explanation or have a worth while story to tell, have leaflet holders for you to take printed info with you, should you wish.   Carts on casters creatively  meet the changing needs of buyers, products and seasons.

( Edenton store under construction. )

all the rest 

​​The reason our bodies fare so well, no matter who the enemy, is that, unlike our country of 50 individual dynasties, sometimes working against each other, our body is one entity, always jumping in to come to the aid of any of its parts in distress; The immune system. Our obvious focus is therefore all the healthy goings on and stuff that support this holistically oriented system.   

Your Organic Grocer is dedicated to helping you help your immune system.  The store will not knowingly carry products or knowingly disseminate information that is contrary to this dedication.  This expanding web site will always be dedicated to that  holistic challenge.  
HEALTH:  It's complicated.  
Complicated because it entails all the sciences.  Complicated because of discoveries coming at us at an exponential rate.  Theories changing before we have adjusted to the earlier ones; yesterday's better living gone, replaced by alternates life styles here today.  Consider the lofty coconut tree:

​We loved its occasional fruit.  Then some nuts fell on a few heads and it was charged with being in the saturated fat gang, a bum rap. And we shunned it. Until we noted that those, for whom it was a staple, were fairing better than we were.   And a star was born.   Then it got complicated.

​Celebrity Coconuts could come from conventionally grown trees or ones grown organically.  The meat could be dried first and then the oils extracted or the oil could be taken from the "wet" meat.  The precious processed oil's life could start off under hot or cold pressure, conventionally or organically grown and facing a host of sales science: deodorization, color bleaching and more civilizing.  Or  it could be left unfiltered and unrefined to fail or succeed  on its own.

​At Your ORGANIC Grocer we bring you the very best of coconut oils, and the best of everything else, at the prices you have to pay for the best - which of course, in the long health run, turns out to be the least costly way to (I was almost going to say "go") stay.  But, in addition to the very best,  YOGA offers lower cost alternate selections where "good" instead of "best" is  so much better than skipping healthy choices altogether (which of course is "bad").